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Book Excerpt from FOR WOMEN ONLY by Kayelle Allen

For Women Only
His truth is one of her people’s darkest lies. When Kin Ambassador Mehfawni visits the capitol planet of the Tarthian Empire, she meets the human Khyff, she expects a fling, but finds love. Upon discovering her own people devastated his family, she longs to restore all he lost, but some tragedies can never be reversed. Her family demands she cast out the human, for if she keeps Khyff, she must deny her heritage and abdicate her future rule. As When Mehfawni searches for an alternative, she stumbles upon Khyff’s darkest secret, a cover-up that if exposed, will betray her world to its enemies, and bare her family to open shame.

For Women Only – Antonello Brothers 2
Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
Author Kayelle Allen
Genre science fiction romance, space opera, military science fiction, sweet romance

In this scene from For Women Only, Khyff has received a notereader (a tablet-type device) filled with information about his mother, who died when he was three. More info is available, but at what price?

Khyff flung himself back in his chair. Every time he and his brother talked, they ended up arguing. He rubbed a hand across his eyes. The pleasant meal they’d started lay almost untouched and any appetite he’d had was gone.

It had taken seconds to read the all too short bio of their mother that his brother was perusing now.

Sileenya Antonello had run away from home on Trien at age ten and been arrested for theft at eleven. While still on probation, she’d disappeared at thirteen and been arrested at age fourteen for unlicensed prostitution. When her pregnancy test had come back positive, they’d placed her back on probation. She’d run away again and been fifteen when she’d given birth to Khyff.

Two years later she began living with an armada-enlisted man who transferred to Felidae, taking Sileenya and Khyff with him, but then he abandoned them. Her next boyfriend addicted her to drugs and prostituted her to newly recruited male Kin soldiers eager to spend their first pay to experience sex with a human female. When she became pregnant, he transferred off-planet, leaving them to fend for themselves.

An Elder of the Ruh clan found Sileenya huddled in an alley during a thunderstorm, holding the nearly lifeless Khyff in her arms. A scant month later, the Tzesar of the Kin ordered the halfbreed newborn destroyed, but the elder intervened and sold Senth to slavers to save his life.

Sileenya and Khyff had been cast into the streets.

Days later, she was dead by her own hand and Khyff was a slave. Senth ended up at an orphanage where he was later adopted by Luc Saint-Cyr.

Senth poked at the notereader’s buttons. “This thing is encrypted. What if the Empress knows who my father is? Don’t I have a right to know that? You have to talk to her. Find out what she wants. Maybe she’ll give you the key.”

“Destoiya’s not going to give me information without demanding a favor. I have nothing left to give that woman. She’s already taken way too much.”

“Khyff, that’s unfair. I need this. You can’t ice up and go all mental.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

His brother growled, a predatory cat sound that made the hair on Khyff’s neck stand up. He scrambled out of his chair and stepped back from the table.

“That”–Senth pointed a finger at him–“is what I mean. I do anything Kin-like and you freak. Get hold of yourself, Khyff. You’re falling apart. The brother I knew two years ago would’ve done whatever it took to find out who his father was. He would’ve helped me find mine.”

Khyff shoved his chair under the table and leaned over it. “Don’t lecture me about doing whatever it takes. If it wasn’t for me interceding with Destoiya, you’d be dead.”

“I’d be dead? I rescued you, in case you don’t remember.”

“NarrAy rescued me. You were unconscious. I carried you in my arms when we transported back aboard the ship. You had nothing to do with it.”

Senth stood. “If it hadn’t been for me, we wouldn’t have gotten in the palace and found you.”

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been a captive in the first place!” He stepped around the chair and set a hand on the corner of the table. “I got my freedom and the next day Destoiya held me hostage to control you.”

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About Kayelle Allen

Science Fiction and Fantasy author Kayelle Allen is the winner of the 2010 EPIC award for Science Fiction and the 2008 Honorable Mention for Science Fiction Fantasy. She is the founder of Marketing for Romance Writers, a peer-mentoring group. She is married, has three grown children, and five grandchildren. Kayelle and her husband met and married while they were both on active duty in the US Navy. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.

Homeworld https://kayelleallen.com

Book Excerpt: TRUE COUNTRY HERO by Darlene Panzera

Eonly_9780062394729_CoverMONTANA HEARTS:  TRUE COUNTRY HERO by Darlene Panzera

Sweet Contemporary Romance / Released June 28th by Avon Impulse

Jace grinned as she walked away. The blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty was interested in him even if she didn’t give him her number. He could tell by the way her eyes widened and her lips parted when she gazed at him with that cautious yet yearning expression, which had several beats of his heart tripping all over each other.

He leaned his arms on the rail of the crowded rodeo arena as one of the bronco riders shot out of the gate. The noise level from the stands rose with cheers, applause, and whistles as the buckin’ cowboy struggled to remain saddled. But as impressive as the wrangler’s ride was, Jace found more pleasure watching Delaney.

She stood to the side of the announcer’s box, her camera raised to her eye and her hands twisting the round lens back and forth to make adjustments as she snapped photo after photo. Her friend Sammy Jo stood beside her, and despite the fact that both women’s attention was fixed on the excitement going on in front of them, their differences stood out like salt and pepper.

While Sammy Jo had hair almost as dark as his own, Delaney’s long tresses were a light blond, like a sweeping halo of sunshine. Sammy Jo certainly had the curves, but Delaney’s slim figure appeared more graceful when she moved, which he found more attractive. And while Sammy Jo posed confidently in front of the camera lens, giving the rider in the arena a thumbs-up, Delaney appeared more comfortable behind it.

He didn’t relish the media attention or ask to take pictures with every new woman he met but something curiously sweet about the camerawoman had tugged at him the moment he saw her. Maybe it was the attentive way she went about her work, as if she truly cared about the quality or was passionate about the subject matter. Jace had hoped it had been the latter. He pulled up the photo of the two of them together on his cell phone and glanced at the smile she’d flashed at the last second. He may have acted like an attention-seeking fool, but he didn’t regret it for one moment.

Not for that shot.

And if she wouldn’t give him her phone number, he’d find another way to get to know her better.

Darlene Panzera interview

Darlene Panzera SMALLDARLENE PANZERA is the author of “sweet, fun-loving romance”.  Her latest release, SPRINKLED WITH KISSES, is the fifth in her Cupcake Diaries series. Born in New Jersey, she is a resident of the Pacific Northwest where her stories take place.

Q:  Tell us about your new release.

THE CUPCAKE DIARIES: SPRINKLED WITH KISSES is a sweet, fun-loving beach read. Stacey McIntyre is a cousin to the original three women who started Creative Cupcakes. As she manages a mobile cupcake stand in Cannon Beach, Oregon, she dreams of sunshine, warm sand, and a safe place to stay. Instead, she fearfully learns the area was once flooded by a tsunami, her cupcakes are attacked by a flock of seagulls, and she becomes rivals with Dave Wright, the handsome owner of an ice cream truck bent on stealing away her sales. Now…not only does she have to help Creative Cupcakes win the state cupcake competition, but she has to find a way to convince Mr. Wright that working together can lead to sweeter rewards.

Q:  With so many books on the market, many of them involving food, what makes yours stand out?

My books are not the typical “foodie.” They are not a baking ‘How-To.’ Each novella in the series includes a cupcake recipe in the back pages, but these stories focus on the characters and what they have to overcome to reach their dreams. They are humorous, light-hearted, and fluffy, but underneath there is a deeper layer of real emotion and a focus on core family values.

Q:  Do you read the same genre you write?

I read a wide variety of genres, but I do keep coming back to romances that feature fun witty banter between the hero and heroine. I love to see how each of them will respond next and how they will fall in love.

Q:  What books have most influenced your life?

The Bible for my life values, the Trixie Beldon young adult mysteries for fun and hooks, Judith McNaught novels for deep emotion and witty banter, Debbie Macomber series for small town family relationships, and all how-to-write books by Donald Maass. I try to incorporate all of these into my own writing.

Q:  Have you had an interesting experience in the research of one of your books?

In SPRINKLED WITH KISSES (Book 5), my heroine, Stacey, carries an emergency backpack because she is a tornado survivor and fears natural disasters. I didn’t know when I placed the setting in Cannon Beach that they’d once had an earthquake triggered tsunami in 1964 with  27 ft. waves that took out the main bridge north of town and flooded the area. This happened to be perfect for the storyline. During research, I found that the town has a tsunami warning system broadcast over the town – one that sounds like an obnoxiously loud, tormented cow mooing. You can listen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E52UHuPsytY

This is the test sound, if the tsunami threat were real this would be replaced with a loud siren. I thought – what fun? What if my heroine did not know this? I quickly wrote the unique mooing cow noise into the story and I think it is one of the funniest scenes.

Q: What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?

 I’d like to be asked, ‘How did you come up with your sub-titles for Sweet on YouRecipe for LoveTaste of Romance, Spoonful of Christmas, and Sprinkled with Kisses? So I can tell my readers a secret: each sub-title consists of three words, the first having to do with baking such as ‘Sweet,’ ‘Recipe,’ ‘Taste,’ ‘Spoonful,’ and ‘Sprinkled.’ But if you put the last word of the first three titles of the series together it spells: You Love Romance!

 Q:  Which character would you like to be friends with in RL?

 I would like to be friends with all of the main characters in THE CUPCAKE DIARIES. Although each one is unique, I think I can connect with each of them in some way, they each contain a small piece of me. And one of the main themes of the stories is friendship. They all have different personalities, strengths, and hang-ups like the rest of us, but it is their unfailing bond that invites me in story after story and makes me wish I could sit down in their kitchen and eat cupcakes with them.