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TARNISHED GOLD by Barbara Townsend

thumbnail_TG Print-Cover, bleed trimmedTARNISHED GOLD by Barbara Townsend

Placer City, Wyoming, 1933: Em Olson struggles to keep her log hotel operating in the busted gold mining town. Her only help comes from a spoiled cousin and a loyal but disabled family friend. Her sister in California encourages Em to sell the crumbling family hotel. Their father had abandoned the family years earlier–an act that Em believes caused her mother’s death. But the thought of leaving the peace of her mountain village for the bustle of a major city repulses her. 

While Em worries over the decision, a handsome geologist arrives at her hotel to scout for a gold mine for his boss. He explores the area for a suitable prospect as the attraction between Em and Finch grows. She’s stunned when he uncovers a swindle involving her property. Then she’s horrified when he stumbles on the reason for her father’s disappearance. Stressed to the breaking point, she seeks answers to so many questions while the man she has grown to love prepares to depart on his next assignment.

Book Excerpt of Tarnished Gold by Barbara Townsend:

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Patience, One Key to Unlocking a Great Story by Barbara Townsend

Writers dream that a reader, an agent, or a publisher will fall in love with our words. All too often a writer will send that story to agents, to publishing houses, or click “publish” before it’s ready. Then the author wonders why their precious words are rejected, sales are low, or the reviews are scathing.

One obscure cause for the disappointment could be the writer’s lack of patience. Patience is a necessary and an oft-times overlooked element that gives our brain a rest. After a break we can review our work with a clear mind and sharp focus.

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