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The Book Breeze is an affordable tool in the author’s media kit.

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Author Interviews

When contacting us for an interview please provide the following information: Author name / Website / # of books published / Genre / Date of new release

Author Interviews are $20

Book Excerpts

Give readers a taste with a 600 word (approx) book excerpt.  Includes book cover and brief summary of the book.

Book excerpts $10 

Featured Author Package

This service included a sponsored interview, banner ad for a week and a sponsored book excerpt.

Feature Author Package is $50

Blog Hosting

We don’t plan the tour but we will be one of the hosting sites.  Currently we are not charging for this service.

New Release Listings

Info required:

Title / Author / Genre/ MF-MM-FF / Book Blurb (100 words max) / Release Date /  Publisher / Author Bio & Photo

Heat level (if romance) Mild, Spicy, Sizzling

New Release Listing $15 


 We bill after the service is performed.