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Interview with R. E. Mullins

thumbnail_WIN_20171229_14_13_49_ProR.E.Mullins has returned to her old stomping grounds in the southwestern part of Missouri. Over the years, she’s lived in Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, and Colorado. She earned her B.A. in Psychology a long, long time ago. She was also employed as a phlebotomist and assisted teaching practical applications in a Phlebotomy Adult Continuing Education Course. Keep up with her at

Tell us about yourself. I’m a suburbanite at heart transplanted to the boonies of Missouri where I see more deer than people and there is no pizza delivery.

51KIzItcWgLTell us about your latest release. Cold Hearted Vampire is the exciting conclusion to the Blautsaugers of Amber Heights series. The Blautsaugers is a family of vampires that live in my fictional town of Amber Heights MO.

The first book of the series, It’s A Wonderful Undead Life relates the story of Gabe Blautsauger, the eldest Blautsauger son. Like a good brother, he gives his sister, the scientist, a blood sample to test even though he knows it’s against Nosferatu law. Just his luck this sample is stolen by one of his enemies and a human woman is forced to ingest it. Since these 51MbOiZbDpL._UY250_isn’t enough of the sample to complete a transformation, she’s been left stunted and trapped between the human and vampire worlds. Now he’s in a pickle. If he doesn’t finish her turning, she will die. If he does, she becomes his neophyte and responsibility. He looks into Cailey’s blueberry eyes and knows he can’t let her die.

Vampire In The Scrying Glass is all about Rafe Blautsauger. He 51b2KBdKHjL._UY250_might be a powerful Enforcer but, at only 98, he’s the baby in the family. He falls in love with Cailey’s best friend from her human days, the lovely and mysterious Morgan Maguire. She’s hiding a secret and he’s determined to find out what it is.

A Vampire To Be Reckoned With is Metta Blautsauger’s story. Third born in the family of four siblings, she’s always been dismissed as sort of an airhead. What the family doesn’t know is 51W8-SUT7QL._UY250_that she once belonged to the shadow vampire agency called Orcus. A local minister sees her preventing a kidnapping. He and his gang of ministers ask for her help in destroying a human trafficking ring. She becomes a vigilante unsanctioned by Orcus. Lucas O’Cuinn is sent to reel her in.

Finally, it’s Michaela’s turn. The oldest she-vamp in the family might be brilliant but she has trouble fitting in with the rest of society. She’s happiest buried in her lab developing a blood formula that will end the vampire dependence on human blood. If only everyone would leave her alone. Then he walks into her lab. Human Detective Seth Whitehead is working on a cold case and he thinks she has the answers he needs.

What led you to write this series? I worked as a phlebotomist in a medical laboratory for close to ten years. Sticking needles into veins to withdraw blood samples – anyone would be inspired to write about vampires.

Did you enjoy creating your vampire world? The lovely thing about paranormal fiction is being able to suspend reality. I like having the ability to draw my world without logical boundaries. That’s why it tickled me when, after reading A Vampire To Be Reckoned With, someone said it was unrealistic for my she-vamp to defeat a group of males in battle. This reader seemed okay with reading about a world where vampires walk among us, drinking blood, and having a witch thrown into the mix. However, he drew the line at a female vampire besting several male vampires in physical combat.

Are any of your characters loosely based on people you know in real life? While I think it’s impossible not to be influence by life, I’ve never completely described anyone I know. It’s more of a hair color here, eye color or skin tone there.

What do you hope readers take away from your work? I consider my novels—sitcoms in book form. To me, the greatest compliment is for a reader to say they could immerse themselves into Amber Heights and escape reality for a while. I want my readers to experience a little adventure, a bit of ick factor, and romance.

Have you ever written a scene that ‘creeped’ you out? Okay, let’s talk about some of the ‘ick factor’ you might find in my novels. In the first book, It’s A Wonderful Undead Life, Cailey doesn’t understand what is happening when she begins to transform into a vampire. Alone and frightened, she finds herself entranced by a raw, bloody steak she finds in her refrigerator. Read the book to find out what she does with it.

What is #1 on your bucket list? I’d love to live in Ireland for a year and write a book based there.

Do you have a favorite writing place or writing rituals? I live on 34 beautiful acres and my writing window overlooks a field, football field size pond, and a spring fed creek. Periodically, I’m quick enough to get a picture of some of the wildlife I’ve spotted over the last couple of years.

What social media do you participate in? My website: is the best place to learn about everything I’ve done and am working on. There’s even a free, short Holiday story. You can also find me on FB: REMullins/author, or twitter @REMullins

What’s next for you? I’ve released a novella called, Diaper Duty Vampire which bridges the gap between the Blautsaugers of Amber Heights to the Vampire of Amber Heights series.



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Interview with AA Freda author of A POLICE ACTION

thumbnail_angelo-photo_2A. A. Freda is an award winning author who grew up in New York City and now resides in Easton, CT, a suburb of New York City. A graduate of Bernard Baruch College at the City University in New York, Freda has served as an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Freda also served in Vietnam. In addition to writing, in his spare time, Freda enjoys fishing, hiking, climbing and shooting pool. A. A. Freda is also the author of the award-winning Goodbye, Rudy Kazoody.

Tell us about your new release.

My new release, A Police Action, is a coming of age historical novel. It the story of two young people starting out and trying to make sense of their lives. Complicating the process is a small war going on in Southeast Asia involving some two million soldiers. A war that our country, for political reasons, refused to even call a war. A Police Action is what our government called this illegal war. Continue reading “Interview with AA Freda author of A POLICE ACTION”

Interview with Amanda Hocking, author of BETWEEN THE BLADE AND THE HEART

Cover Between the Blade and the HeartBETWEEN THE BLADE AND THE HEART by Amanda Hocking / YA / Released January 2, 2018 / St. Martin’s Press


When the fate of the world is at stake
Loyalties will be tested

Game of Thrones meets Blade Runner in this commanding new YA fantasy inspired by Norse Mythology from New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking.

As one of Odin’s Valkyries, Malin’s greatest responsibility is to slay immortals and return them to the underworld. But when she unearths a secret that could unravel the balance of all she knows, Malin along with her best friend and her ex-girlfriend must decide where their loyalties lie. And if helping the blue-eyed boy Asher enact his revenge is worth the risk—to the world and her heart.


Q: What or who was the inspiration behind Between the Blade and the Heart

A: I have already written several books inspired by Scandinavian folklore, and I was always fascinated by Valkyries. But because I had already done in Scandinavian fantasy, I wanted to come at this one from a different angle. I imagined the Valkyries helping to police a gritty, diverse, cyberpunk metropolis, in a world filled with not just Norse figures but from many mythologies.

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Interview with mystery author Shelia Lowe

sheila-uscLike her fictional character, Claudia Rose, Sheila Lowe is a real-life forensic handwriting examiner who testifies in court cases. The mother of a tattoo artist and a former rock star, she lives in Ventura, CA with Lexie the Very Bad Cat. Despite sharing living space with a feline, however, her Forensic Handwriting mystery series is definitely not cozy. If you enjoy psychological suspense and in-depth exploration of characters, they may be for you. She also writes nonfiction about handwriting analysis.


Tell us about your new release WRITTEN OFF

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Interview with cozy mystery author Daryl Wood Gerber (includes book excerpt)

Daryl Wood Gerber 0483 100dpiAgatha Award-winning Daryl Wood Gerber is best known for her nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mysteries and Cheese Shop Mysteries, which she pens as Avery Aames. She now debuts the new French Bistro Mysteries with A DEADLY ÊCLAIR. Daryl also writes stand-alone suspense: DAYS OF SECRETS and GIRL ON THE RUN. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl appeared in “Murder, She Wrote.” She loves to cook, and she has a frisky Goldendoodle named Sparky who keeps her in line!

Tell us about your new release.

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Interview with Culinary Mystery Author Leslie Karst

karst headshotThe daughter of a law professor and a potter, Leslie Karst learned early, during family dinner conversations, the value of both careful analysis and the arts—ideal ingredients for a mystery story. She now writes the Sally Solari Mysteries (Dying for a Taste, A Measure of Murder), a culinary series set in Santa Cruz, California. An ex-lawyer like her sleuth, Leslie also has degrees in English literature and the culinary arts. She and her wife and their Jack Russell mix split their time between Santa Cruz and Hilo, Hawai‘i.

Tell us about your new release A MEASURE OF MURDER

In this second book in the Sally Solari mystery series, A Measure of Murder, Sally is busy juggling work at her family’s Italian restaurant, Solari’s, and helping plan the autumn menu for the restaurant she’s just inherited, Gauguin. Complicating this already hectic schedule, she joins her ex-boyfriend Eric’s chorus, which is performing a newly discovered version of her favorite composition: the Mozart Requiem. But then, at the first rehearsal, a tenor falls to his death on the church courtyard—and his soprano girlfriend is sure it wasn’t an accident. Sucked into investigating, Sally’s already crazy-busy life heats up like a cast iron skillet set over an open flame.

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Contemporary Author Melissa Klein talks about her new release OUT OF SIGHT

Klein13024-12-8x10[1]Melissa Klein writes contemporary romance about everyday heroes fighting extraordinary battles. Whether facing the demands of caring for a child with special needs or the struggles of a soldier returning home, her characters take on the challenges life throws at them with perseverance, courage, and humor. Melissa won Georgia Romance Writers Unpublished Maggie award in 2013 and Rose City Romance Writers Golden Rose award in 2012. She lives in Atlanta with her family and can be found at



OutofSight_w11613_750What led you to write this book? Three years ago, a skiing accident left my daughter with a traumatic brain injury. She experienced the same memory loss and aphasia as Mia Jones, the heroine in Out of Sight. My daughter’s tenacity and willingness to work hard inspired me to write about a woman who triumphed over a similar life-changing event. I dedicated Out of Sight to Laura and the medical professionals at the trauma center where she was Life Flighted. Without their skill, Laura wouldn’t have gone on to lead an independent and happy life, just like Mia.

What do you hope readers take away from your work? In Out of Sight, Hank Taggart also faces life-changing events and struggles. I want readers to rethink what it means to be a hero. Everyone deserves their own version of happily ever after, even former naval pilots who must trade dog fighting in the skies for AA meetings.

Do you have a reoccurring theme to your books? I find myself repeating the theme of second chances in my books. I believe everyone deserves another chance to correct past mistakes and a second chance at love.

What do you do when you are not writing? When I’m not writing, I like to garden and travel. I have a small yard where I enjoy planting southern perennials I remember seeing in my grandparents’ gardens. This year my gardenias and hydrangeas are especially beautiful. I recently returned from visiting my daughter and was able to add Rhode Island to the list of states I’ve visited. Only 9 more to go.

What’s next for you? Out of Time, the third book in the Out of Uniform series will release sometime in August. I’m also completing another book in my Magnolia Springs series. My current work is progress is a departure from my usual military romance. It’s a humorous contemporary romance that starts when the hero and heroine attempt to stop their respective parents from marrying.

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