Review: JORDAN by Victoria Landis

41qZlbCTY5L._SY346_JORDAN By Victoria Landis, Released Feb 2019 by Book Painter Press

Reviewed by Heather Haven

Author Victoria Landis is best known for her mysteries and essays. This is a departure novel on a lot of levels, although the possible mystery is why people behave the way they do, why they seek to destroy that which they do not understand. Here is the premise: A brother and sister discover a derelict woman with no memory. Soon enough she learns who she is. What she also discovers is that she, Jordan, suddenly has healing gifts in her touch, in her hands, in her will. She begins to work miracles. Animals gravitate to her instinctively, especially birds, accept her instantly as nothing less than miraculous. But humans become divided in their acceptance of her abilities. Some consider her the new messiah. Others consider her the devil. The world erupts with opinions and actions. People who come across Jordan are never the same, for good and for bad.

What author Ms. Landis has done quite masterfully is to create a character that does extraordinary things and yet is quite ordinary. In fact, almost dull. Jordan is a person with no distinctive personality traits, nothing to latch onto, to like or dislike, nothing to give her individuality. She is rather colorless and boring. But it is a decision, I believe, deliberately made by the author. I believe it is imperative to this allegory, that the reader accept what Jordan does, what she is capable of doing, her purpose in life, first and foremost, and not if we think of her as a person.

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