CHANCE TO BLOOM by Dillon Hunter

51KxwdhHFTLCHANCE TO BLOOM by Dillon Hunter / GLBT Romance / Released 2017

Ethan doesn’t trust his heart…

Once upon a time, florist Ethan Massey believed in the kind of romance that happily-ever-afters were made for. In the aftermath of a nasty break-up, though, he’s had trouble believing he’ll find it again… or that he can let himself trust in it if he does.

Jack doesn’t know how to love…

Ten years ago, Jack Davis ran away from a small town that held nothing but sorrow for him. Joining the Marines took him to the other side of the globe… which didn’t turn out to be far enough to forget all the bitter feelings he’d left behind in Bridgewater, Georgia.

Two men connected by loss…

When Jack inherits his dad’s old flower shop, his only thought is to sell it as quickly as possible—to take the money, leave the memories, and run as far away as he can get.

One chance for love to bloom…

Beverly’s Blooms has always been more than just a job to Ethan. Now—while still reeling from the loss of his mentor and friend–he only has a few weeks to change Jack’s mind about the sale. A few weeks to make Jack fall in love with the shop… and with Bridgewater… and just maybe, with a little luck, to fall in love with Ethan, too.

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