510j7Md4R4LMURDER IN THE LOCKED LIBRARY by Ellery Adam / Mystery / Released 2018 by Kensington

More weirdness among the cozy in Ellery Adams’s Murder in the Locked Library (Kensington, 2018, $7.99). Jane Stewart runs the Storyton Hall resort, a luxury establishment for book-lovers of all genres. She’s ready to expand the site, but when the foundation is dug for a new spa, a long-buried skeleton appears, together with a mysterious book that may (or may not!) contain material dangerous to know. The attendees of the Rare Book Conference in residence at Storyton Hall are eager to help with technical expertise, but Jane has a Secret Mission: as a Guardian, she must be sure the information in the book will not be destructive. Then one of the booksellers at the conference is murdered, Jane’s sons are kidnapped, and her on-again-off-again boyfriend goes missing! Is all this mayhem due to a rare book, or is there Something Else going on? Modern-day forensnics meets mysticism, and a most unusual motive for murder in this fascinating read.

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