51Qvbs6-NeLAnother Irish village, this one haunted by some very real ghosts, in Alexia Gordon’s Killing in C Sharp (Henery Press, 2018, $16.00). Gethsemane Brown, an American musician, has found a home in the village of Carraigfaire, but it may be taken away from her unless she allows a reality television company to film their ghost-busting activities in her cottage. The resident ghost is more amused than appalled, but the local priest is worried about the repercussions if someone finds out that there really are ways to break the boundaries between this world and the next. Gethsemane manages to turn the film crew’s attention to a new opera, based on an ancient Hungarian legend, being staged by a musician recently come to the village school, but this goes tragically wrong, evoking a truly malevolent spirit intent of killing first-born sons. Paranormal meets procedural when a venal music critic is killed during a rehearsal of the opera. “Sissy” Brown calls on her ghostly friends to help solve one problem, but she has to deal with the human killer herself, nearly perishing in the process. Twists and turns make this a fascinating read.

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