51s24sC2EJLSins of the past have a way of creeping into the present, as brand-new Guarda Siobhan O’Sullivan finds out in Murder in an Irish Churchyard, by Carlene O’Connor (Kensington, 2018, $25.00). On her very first day on the job, she’s summoned to the churchyard, where a visiting American lies dead, pointing to one of the oldest grave markers. The entire clan has come with him, in search of the ancestors who left during the Potato Famine: children by two wives, a third, much younger wife; a very unqualified nurse, and a film-maker who sees this tragedy as an opportunity to make a splash in the world of reality television. Any or all of them could have motive or opportunity, but which one? Why use a revolver from a museum exhibit as a murder weapon? A missing box of socks, a hundred-yer-old journal, and an old family feud lead Siobhan to a frightening encounter with a vengeful would-be heir to a fortune. A look at Irish village life beyond the tourist paths


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