New Historical Romance: MRS. PRATT’S WAR by Sarah Richmond

51TErm5xNhL._SY346_MRS. PRATT’S WAR by Sarah Richmond / Historical Romance / Released June 1 by Richmond Books

When the widow Livinia Pratt meets a wounded officer recovering at the gamekeeper’s cottage of his niece’s estate, she learns some wounds go deeper than shrapnel. A career soldier hiding a past he’s ashamed of, Major James Gunnison has relied for years on discipline to protect his heart. He must reject his attraction to Livy. A war, he tells her, is the wrong time to fall in love. The irrepressible Livy believes love heals all wounds. With their country at war, she believes love is needed more than ever. Will she be able to convince the major?

71hpSmVJJaL._SY200_Sarah Richmond is the award winning author of books set in Edwardian England and the American West.  When she’s not inventing conflict or putting her characters’ lives in jeopardy, she likes to lunch with her friends, follow University of Michigan football and spend time in the pool with her corgi named Finn.



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