Review: MAD Librarian by Michael Guillebeau / Get a FREE book!

61cHoeaY5iLMAD Librarian by Michael Guillebeau / Women’s Crime Fiction / Released Nov 16, 2017 by Madison Press

I have been in love with libraries since Hunts Foods (the ketchup people) built one next to my elementary school over a half century ago.  Nestled in the trees with train tracks running behind it I always saw it as MY portal to adventure.

Well, if it’s an adventure you seek jump on the MAD Librarian train as librarian Serenity Hammer tries to save her library.

Set in a small Alabama town, Serenity battles a bureaucracy that sees little value in a building full of books.  Serenity, however, sees her library as the heart and soul of the community.  Through Kismet, fate, or just dumb luck Serenity stumbles upon a hidden municipal fund she can tap into to save the library’s internet service.  When the air conditioner goes out she taps again.  Then brilliance (or possibility insanity) hits as she discovers this fund is constantly fed by an unknown source.

Not bothered by trivial details like where the money comes from or the fact she is married to a police officer, Serenity’s vision for her library grows and the mystery behind the source of the money deepens.

Award winning author of JOSH WHOEVER, Michael Guillebeau spins a page turning tale with humor, mystery, and wonderful characters.

Breaking Bad for Librarians. Cayocosta72 Reviews said, “This book is truly every librarian’s dream come true.”  Half of all income goes to the Awesome Foundation for Innovation in Libraries. Available at


I’m Mike Guillebeau, author of the MAD Librarian book which was reviewed here today. I’d like to thank all of the readers for your support, gauge your interest in the book, and offer you a small Christmas present from my MAD librarian and the other characters in the book. For the next week, anyone who would like a free Kindle book of MAD Librarian can send me an email ( Let me know that you’d like a free Kindle ebook of MAD Librarian, and that you heard about it on The Book Breeze. I’ll email you a $10 Amazon gift card, which will let you buy a MAD Librarian ebook for $7.99, and have enough left over for a cup of tea or coffee with your book.

 Here’s the kicker: I’ll only do this for the first FIVE from this blog. And I’m doing this at a couple of other sites. The first site to get five books, will get five more.

 Regardless of whether you take me up on this or not, thanks for your support for books in general, and The Book Breeze. Review sites like The Book Breeze are the lifeblood for readers like you and writers like me alike.

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