Historical Mystery: THE THIRD NERO by Lindsey Davis

51pdPyVvwoL._SY346_ THE THIRD NERO by Lindsay Davis • Historical Mystery • Minotaur Books • Released July 11, 2017

In 90 A.D., following the Saturninus revolt in Germany, the Emperor Domitian has become more paranoid about traitors and dissenters around him.  This leads to several senators and even provincial governors facing charges and being executed for supposed crimes of conspiracy and insulting the emperor.  Wanting to root out all the supports of Saturninus from the Senate, one of Domitian’s men offers to hire Flavia Alba to do some intelligence work.

Flavia Alba, daughter and chip off the old block of Marcus Didius Falcon, would rather avoid any and all court intrigue, thank you very much.  But she’s in a bit of a bind.  Her wedding is fast approaching, her fiancé is still recovering – slowly – from being hit by a lightning bolt, and she’s the sole support of their household.  So with more than a few reservations, she agrees to “investigate.”

Adding to the confusion is yet another Nero pretender has shown up in Parthia and is trying to rally support for his claim for the throne.  With intrigue upon intrigue swirling around the capital city, it’s up to Alba to uncover what is – and isn’t – the real threat.

LINDSEY DAVIS is the author of the New York Times bestselling series of historical mysteries featuring Marcus Didius Falco, which started with The Silver Pigs, and the mysteries featuring Falco’s daughter, Flavis Alba, which started with The Ides of April.  She has also authored a few acclaimed historical novels, including The Course of Honour.  She lives in Birmington, UK.

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