What’s the big deal about SENSE8? Sensates speak out.

MV5BMTU3OTQwOTY2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjIzMjYxMjI@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_From the first cord of the theme song, vivid images of our diverse world flash before us and intensify with the music as we are plunged into SENSE8.

The first image is a bridge. A brilliant start to a series about 8 strangers who suddenly develop a link, a bridge, to one another. I am struck by the vibrancy of the pictures and the passions the people show for life as the music reaches a crescendo.


Dave – USA – Sense8 imagines a world in which empathy is a superpower. In which our connection with each other becomes the strongest part of us. A world in which no one has to be alone, where everyone can be understood. Sense8 offers a vision of the power people give to each other when they share themselves and all that brings them joy. The characters of the show, within this vision, suffer for each other, rejoice with each other, laugh with each other, and fight for each other. They are united because they understand each other too well not to be. They are united not because they are the same, but because they know the others are worth fighting for.

The first of June saw Netflix cancel Sense8. Twenty-nine days later they announced a two-hour movie.

What changed their mind?

Sensates. Fans of the show.

‪ Stephanie, Tennessee, USA – Sense8 showed me love, laughter, and the power of finding others who think like you. I may not be exactly the same as any other Sense8, but I am also a we. And that makes me laugh, smile & cry b/c there are a LOT of other members of that same worldwide cluster surrounding the show.

Klaudia, Poland – Sense8 is something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Somehow I found myself completely in love with 8 people from all around the world, who were all different but also like me. As a lesbian, it’s just so hard to find representation that gives us justice – but Nomi and Amanita are that. They love and support each other no matter what, and it’s so beautiful to see. It all is beautiful – the relationships between all of the characters give me hope, that someday I’ll find someone I’ll be just as close to.

I was about ten years-old when I realized something about my uncle. He was gay. I loved my uncle. We shared a love of books and Star Trek. He was funny and smart and a smartass. He could piss you off and make you laugh at the same time.

On this day we were heading to a bookstore. I wanted the book Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. He was the only person in my life that I could ask to get it for me. I was riding in the backseat and he and his friend were in the front. I watched them interact and I knew. I knew they cared a great deal about each other. A slight brush of the hand, a smile and I knew. I also knew he was happy.

Later I told him I liked his friend. His smile turned to panic as he realized that I understood the nature of their relationship. He begged me to promise him that I would never tell anyone. Of course I promised, but I never forgot that look on his face. I also never saw him with his friend again.  He distanced himself from the family and I seldom saw him happy.

My uncle was funny and smart and a smartass and about twenty years ago he was murdered because his secret life made him vulnerable and alone.

Ellen, Oregon, USA – For me, the show speaks to our universal longing to emotionally connect with others and to be accepted no matter who we are. Each person has value, gifts, things to cherish along with problems, dangerous situations, criminal behavior. None is better than or less than any other. Just different. And our differences are beautiful.

Sense8 is something else my uncle and I would have shared.

Jenny – ‪ In this age of technical connectivity, where people are often virtually connected yet still isolated as units yearning for a stronger connection through flashing screens, Sense8 brought us the promise of an elevated form of humanity. Where our existence is beyond physicality and time; where our existence hangs strong and fragile on the kindness of the humanhood. It is a show that is not afraid to embrace deeper philosophical questions about what it means to be human, and still, true to the spectacle of great television, embrace the bubbly, vibrant, and camp within all of us.

If you have seen Sense8 you understand.

If you haven’t seen Sense8 we hope you will join us.


Netflix Revives Sense8: Read Lana Wachowski’s Heartwarming Letter

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