Review: A FATAL TWIST by Tracy Weber

518BN8p-zILA FATAL TWIST (A Downward Dog Mystery) by Tracy Weber / Released Jan 2017 by Midnight Ink

What is prevalent throughout this novel is a sense of responsibility. Led by the protagonist, Kate Davidson, who is a very honorable, upright person, those she holds near and dear either have a sense of responsibility or aspire to it. This theme is seen not only in their dealings with one another, but for those coming into the world. Natural childbirth is a large part of this book, as is responsibility toward animals. Murder and mayhem may ensue, but what needs to be done for those in our care comes first. The surrounding characters are interesting and multi-faceted. The story moves along, sometimes wrapping itself around the delivery of a child, or dealing with a challenged pet. But always hovering in the background is the whodunit, never far away. A really fun scene takes place in a fertility clinic. I think Ms. Weber’s fans will be quite pleased with her latest offering.

Reviewed provided by Heather Haven

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