Review: BLACKBIRD FLY by Lise McClendon

51D-GtQpCbL-1BLACKBIRD FLY (Bennett Sisters Book #1) by Lise McClendon

Women’s Fiction/Mystery / Released Dec 2013 by Thalia Press

Harry Bennett has a heart attack at work and dies leaving a wife (Merle), a son, and a number of secrets, some of which he wasn’t even aware of.

Unraveling her husbands life leads Merle to a family home in a small French village complete with a squatter, mysteries, and a beautiful garden.

As Merle deals with a marriage that had faded years ago, and a house that desperately needs repair she stumbles into murder and romance.

BLACKBIRD FLY is listed as a cozy mystery but I found it to be more Women’s Fiction with elements of mystery. The cover is vibrant and relevant to the story. The POV jumps around and at times was unnessary.

The author’s descriptions at times were breathtaking and at other times distracting, slowing the story down to a crawl.

This is not an edge-of-your-seat story but languid like a summer’s day in the garden.

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