New Release: LIES IN WAIT by Donna Del Oro

51ezyzj5gelLIES IN WAIT / The Jake Bernstein FBI series Book #2 by Donna Del Oro / Romantic Suspense / Released Jan 4, 2017

FBI agent Jake Bernstein’s undercover mission in Silicon Valley is aimed at identifying and eliminating a coordinated terrorist plot that may involve five U.S. cities. Posing as a disaffected biotech scientist, Jake is recruited and tested in a harsh, brutal way. To prove his loyalty to radical Islam, he must first pass the ultimate test of total obedience.

It is a task pitting him against his lover, Meg Larsen, and is so despicable and shocking, Jake doubts he can follow through with it. But if he cannot do this, the undercover operation will fail. Thousands of lives are at stake! Jake must make a fateful choice. Do his duty and stop the terrorist plot? Or save the woman he loves?

DONNA DEL ORO is an award-winning author of two series of romantic suspense: The Jake Bernstein FBI series and the Delphi Bloodline series, about a clairvoyant artist. A humorous women’s fiction series featuring Latina heroines is now in the works. A former high school teacher, she lives in Northern California near the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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