Review of CLIMATIZED by Sally Fernandez

front-coverClimatizedA Max Ford Thriller / by Sally Fernandez

Released Oct 2016 by Dunham Books

Review by Heather Haven

It’s not often one comes across a genre novel which causes the reader to think long and hard about just what’s going on in the world today. However, Climatized is just such a novel. Filled with detailed information about politics, the environment, and global warming, author Sally Fernandez forces us to try to separate fact from fiction, truth from lies, and to consider the ramifications of what the human race faces in going toe-to-toe with Mother Nature. The watch word in that long sentence is ‘try’. Weaving real players in with fictional characters, Ms. Fernandez has created a taut fabric of a thriller.

The protagonist, Max Ford, has just opened her offices as a private investigator. Having recently left the States Intelligence Agency, she takes on her first case, that of investigating the supposed suicide of a U.S. senator. Put your roller skates on at this point in order to keep up. We have murder, chicanery, love, loyalty, deception and honor at every turn. Ultimately, what is introduced within the pages of this book are often mind-blowing. Be prepared.

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