Review: THE KILL SIGN by Nichole Christoff

 51nqkju0cvlTHE KILL SIGN A Jamie Sinclair Novel #4 by Nichole Christoff

Military Thriller Released Dec 7, 2016 by Alibi

Adam Barrett, Jamie’s love interest, made some not great decisions in the last book that landed his AWOL backside on a base in Mississippi. He’s fortunate he still has a career, although it’s a bit shaky at this point.

Jamie and Adam make plans for a weekend getaway after four months apart. So Jamie boards a plane and goes to the Gulf Coast for a little one-on-one time with Adam and to see her old mentor, Ray Walther.

But when a dirty bomb explodes on a riverboat packed with military, killing dozens Jamie finds herself in a mystery that threatens the people she loves.

To keep things interesting friend and heart-tug Marc Sandoval of the DEA hears about the explosion and shows up to make sure Jamie is okay. Much to Adam’s dismay. So while Adam works officially to hunt down the culprits who took dozens of military lives, Jamie and Marc unofficially investigate on their own.

Another great addition to Ms. Christoff’s series.

A finalist for the 2016 Daphe du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense fiction. THE KILL BOX was named one of the Best Books of 2015 by Library Journal, I whole-heartedly recommend the entire series.

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