Interview: Kate Randle author of IN PURSUIT OF PARADISE


KATE’S BIO:  After writing more essays than she could count completing her university studies, Kate Randle decided to swap out the world of academic prose for something more exciting, romance novels.

Her contemporary books encompass many of the things she loves: the beach, the ocean and of course handsome heroes. Kate lives near Toronto, Ontario with her own handsome hero, her husband Jason and her two children.  Two adorable rescue felines round out her family to keep things interesting and covered in cat hair.

In addition to her debut novel In Pursuit of Paradise which is will be released in January 2017, Kate is currently working on a new contemporary romance about an iconic Canadian rock band. For more information, please visit Kate at her website:

inpursuitofparadise_w10660_300Tell us about your new release.

I’m very excited to announce my first published novel entitled “In Pursuit of Paradise.” It is the story of Lily Kingston and Nicholas Becket. Lily is trying to escape her everyday life by leaving her boring job and going to work on a cruise ship. Nick is the handsome captain of the ship, and their lives become intertwined. It is a fun and exciting tale full of exotic locations, lots of passion and most of all love.

How important is setting to your story?

The setting is very important to the novel, and I hope the readers will feel as swept away to paradise as I did when I was writing the story. The story begins in sunny Florida. Then the tale moves on to an elegant cruise ship and exotic locations with beautiful beaches and magnificent sunsets. It is the perfect novel if you want to escape the cold, snowy winter, if only for a little while.

Do you read the same genre you write?

Yes, I love romance novels and often read as much as I write. I love everything from contemporary to paranormal to mystery. As long as there is a strong romantic element, I’m hooked.

Do you have a favorite writing place or writing rituals?

Yes, I used to write locked away upstairs in my bedroom. Then I read somewhere that Debbie Macomber always wrote at her kitchen table. What a wonderful idea, I thought, and it worked for her! The kitchen is often a buzz of activity, but now if I have a great idea in the middle of cooking pasta, I don’t have to run upstairs and write it down since my computer is only steps away.

Do you have a reoccurring theme to your books?

All of my books are contemporary romance, but I think a common theme is that my characters never give up on love. They take chances, put themselves out there and always believe in happy endings.

What social media do you participate in?

I am on Facebook at and also on Twitter at @katerandle1. My website also has a lot of information and can be found at:

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