Interview: A.K. Smith author of A DEEP THING

rsz_anitaprofile_pic32016Debut Author A.K. Smith is the author of debut fiction novel, “A Deep Thing” (12-19-2016 from the Wild Rose Press). A.K has lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Arizona and abroad in London and Mexico. She loves all things jungly, beachy and mysterious. Her mission is to write thrillers, suspense, and romance, which have the power to make you stay up late.

A new scuba diver, she counts diving in a cenote (underwater caves in the Yucatan) and surviving– one of her biggest achievements. Mexico has a special place in her heart; it’s where she escaped after walking out on Corporate America and where she fell in love on a sailboat. She is a graduate of Shippensburg University (BA) and has a Master of Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A.K. has written for various national and international publications and blogs including Flight Network, and has been a monthly travel columnist for Rocky Point Times Newspaper for the last six years. Published in various print publications including two cover features in Mexico Living Magazine she continues to trek the world to experience off-the-beaten-road destinations.

A.K. loves seeing the world; Her goal is to step foot on every continent on Planet Earth (maybe even the moon)—she’s slowly getting there. She treasures her family, friends, and kindness. Check out her website at or find her on Twitter, and Facebook. @aksmithbook

adeepthing_hdcover1. Tell us about your new release. What led you to write this book? A Deep Thing is a suspense novel with a love story. When a young widow is faced with the tragic death of the love of her life in a freak accident, she has to find the strength to move on. Nothing wakes you up more from your grief then discovering your husband led a secret life. The book journeys to the jungles of Mexico and the woods of Camp David.

My husband and I took a romantic trip to the Mexican Rivera Maya in the Yucatan and discovered cenotes. Cenotes are deep iridescent underwater caves with fresh water. Outside Porto MorelasMexico there is a road called “route de Cenotes” we hired a taxi driver to take us to see a cenote. We drove back uncommercialized dirt roads and in the middle of the jungle he let us out, and we walked back a jungle path to a beautiful hole in the ground. The water luminescent, we were in awe of our surroundings. You can dive, snorkel and swim in these wonders of nature, and the setting was surreal. When we returned home I couldn’t stop thinking about the cenotes, why had I never heard of them? Why were they so secret and on private land? What if?

2. Did you have an interesting experience in the research of this book? A Deep Thing, led me to cave diving, something I wasn’t sure I would attempt to do. We returned to the Riveria Maya halfway through my novel and dove the cenotes in Tulum. It was an incredible experience. My novel was born in the Yucatan.

3. How important is setting to your story? The setting is extremely important to me as a reader and an author. In the middle of the winter, I search for books that take place somewhere warm, an island, a beach, or a jungle. I love to learn about new places when I read. I yearn to be taken away to a new and exciting destination. A Deep Thing, leads the reader to the jungles and beaches of the Yucatan in Mexico and the woods of Camp David.

4. Are any of your characters loosely based on people you know in real life? Not specifically. A few of my characters have the same last name of friends of mine, which helps me remember the characters, but then they are shaken up and mixed in with personalities of other people in my life. Many characters are unique combinations of different friends, family and strangers that would never exist.

5. Do you people watch for character inspiration? I do. People watching is fascinating. I love when I’m somewhere, and I can actually write or take notes while I’m people watching.

6. What do you hope readers take away from your work? When they close the book or read the last page, I want their mind to be racing. What if? I want the story to stay with them. My favorite books are the one where I remember the ending.


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