Discounts & Deadlines for the Nov/Dec edition of The Book Breeze

cropped-cropped-the-book-breeze-logo21.gifI am sure that I’m not the only person who finds themselves unsettled by recent events.  In response to this I am offering a FREEhalf page ad to books whose theme is acceptance and reconciliation.  

For example families torn apart by divorce, remarriage, sexual orientation, or race.  A neighborhood, school or town alienated by beliefs.  These stories must end happily, because that is the point – we can come together.

To submit your book use the contact form on the For Authors page and offer a brief synopsis about the central theme and how it is resolved.

• • • •
Here we are entering another holiday season and what is usually at the center of the season?  FOOD!  So for the Nov/Dec edition I would also like to highlight books that highlight food.

I am offering a $5 half page ad to books that center on food.  Now this can be recipes, stories with bake shops, restaurants, family gatherings where food is a central theme.  (Remember the movie Tortilla Soup?)  So let the mouth-watering begin by using the contact form on the For Authors page.

• • • •
Book Excerpt are 50% off this issue.  For more info and other advertising opportunities visit the For Authors page of our blog.

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