Interview with historical author Annalisa Russo

cjh_3201cdTell us about your new release and what led you to write this book.

The Cavelli Angel Saga was supposed to be a trilogy. But Seth Truitt, the hero of the fourth book, Angel Boy, was a very likeable character from the first book in the series, a fourteen year old “newsie.” He played a part in the first three books and afterwards, I wondered what ever happened to him. I couldn’t let goooo. So, the trilogy turned into a quartet with Seth coming back home after eight years to the family—with a problem.

Did you have an interesting experience in the research of this book?

perf5.000x8.000.inddAll of my novels are based in 1920’s, Chicago. For Angel Boy, set in 1936, I needed to research another decade—the 1930’s. Seth, the hero, is a USAAC pilot instructor flying P26 bombers. Did you know after the WWI, our entire air force consisted of nine airplanes? So, when Seth enlisted, he got in on the first wave of improvement to our military’s air power. Researching that aspect was very interesting.

Do you people watch for character inspiration?

Actually I have files of people, interesting faces, dogs, cats, children, settings, etc. I collect them from magazines, flyers, perfume ads that come stuck into magazines, anything I see that interests me. When I’m looking for inspiration, I head into the files until something pops.

Do you have a favorite fictional character by another author you’d like to meet?

Definitely Roarke…from JD Robb’s In Death series. But I fear he is too perfect to be anything but fiction.

What is #1 on your bucket list?

Go back to Venice—the birth place of my grandfather.

Do you have a reoccurring theme to your books?

Love of Family

perf5.000x8.000.inddBook Title: ANGEL BOY
Author: Annalisa Russo
Genre: Historical Romance
Release date: November 9, 2016
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Heat Level: Spicy
Available in: ebook and print



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