New Release: ASCENSION by Gregory Dowling

ASCENSION51j3vh3jrl by Gregory Dowling / Historical thriller / Released Sept 13, 2016 by Thomas Dunne Books

The setting, Venice 1759, and the animated protagonist, tour guild Alvise Marangon, make for an incredibly intriguing start to this original series.

When a young tour guide offers to help an English Grand Tourist, little does he know that it will lead to his being embroiled in blackmail and conspiracy.  To add to his woes, he is them forcibly recruited into the city’s powerful secret service to investigate a murder case.  A reluctant spy he may be, but he is a gifted one.

Amidst the world of gambling dens and courtesans, something momentous is being planned for the Feast of the Ascension, Venice’s most important and spectacular holiday, and it seems that only Alvise can prevent the day turning into bloody mayhem.

GREGORY DOWLING grew up in Bristol before studying English at Christ Church, Oxford.  He moved to Venice in 1981, where he is Associate Professor of American Literature at Ca’Foscari University of Venice.  He has published four novels, co-edited two anthologies of poetry, and written various non-fiction books and academic articles on Italian, British and American literature.

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