Review: KARMA by Nadine Nightingale

Karma_w10669_750Amanda Bishop was about to start a new life as a NYU student when her past forced her into another direction – at gunpoint.

Alex Remington is a hunter and Amanda’s former lover until he found out she was a witch. He didn’t take the news well, but when his brother disappeared it was Amanda he turned to for help.

KARMA is a perfectly paced paranormal mystery. Written in first person, we follow Amanda as she and Alex follow leads, pedophiles, and the occasional dead body to find Alex’s brother.

Nightingale seasons this complex plot with masterfully written flashbacks that bring just the right amount of information to the reader. This is no small feat. There is real skill in knowing just how much info to deliver this way without hijacking the plot and sending the reader off into the wilderness.

The story ends with a touch of foreboding, leaving us a hint of what may come in the next installment in this must read series.

This is a debut novel for Ms. Nightingale who professes to a serious Marvel superhero addition and considers the world her home. Nadine Nightingale is definitely an author to follow.

KARMA releases today and is available at the following sites:


Barnes and Noble:

The Wild Rose Press:

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