Interview: Annette Miller

wwwCUPID_w9883_300.jpgTell us about your new release.

My new release is titled www.Cupid. It’s part of the new Candy Hearts series from The Wild Rose Press. It’s a paranormal, sweet romance, kind of like what you’d see on the Hallmark Channel. It’s about a woman who is an executive for Cupid in his company and an agent who works for her. He was by the book when they dated in college, but now, is a bit loose with the rules. As a result, she’s in trouble with Cupid almost as much as her agent is with her.

What led you to write this book?

My publisher sent out an open call for submissions for this new series. As I was reading the guidelines, this story just popped in my head. I knew everything instantly; the setting, the characters, the plot, everything. I just had to get it down and I had the first draft done in a week.

Which is more important, character or setting?

Both are important but I tend to think character is more important. Setting is great for mood and getting a feel for time and place, but without the characters, nothing much happens. Characters drive the story forward, giving setting meaning and depth.

Do you people watch for character inspiration?

I am a great people watcher. There are so many interesting faces and styles of dress. You have a whole catalog of characters to draw from. One of the best things to do is hang out at the mall and just watch the crowds walk by. Guaranteed, you’ll leave with a hero or villain, possibly both.

Do you have a favorite fictional character by another author you’d like to meet?

I have a lot but one of my favorites is Richard Sharpe from Bernard Cornwell’s books. He started out in the ranks of Wellington’s army and rose to an officer, excelling despite the obstacles thrown in his way by the men who were able to purchase their commission instead of working for it the way Sharpe had done. I’ve read all the novels and own all the movies. What a great character; the epitome of hero, soldier, honor, and romantic. Richard Sharpe is one of the most well-rounded heroes I’ve ever read.

5 thoughts on “Interview: Annette Miller”

  1. Great interview Annette. It’s on my TBR list I am currently working though. Loved all the Candy Heart’s Romances I’ve read! Good luck with books sales, it’s a winner!

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