Dirt on the Nineth GraveTHE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE

(Charley Davidson Series Book 9) By Darynda Jones

Paranormal Romance / Released Jan 12, 2016 by St. Martin’s Press, 337 Pages

I was very excited when I was asked to review this book. I absolutely love this series. Book 8 was incredible. I told friends that “Darynda Jones really knows how to escalate a story.” Heavens, we even found out the story behind Mr. Wong so I anxiously awaited Book 9, excited to see what happens next. I was underwhelmed.

Book 8 ended with a very powerful scene and Charlie getting amnesia. Dirt on the Ninth Grave begins with Charlie working in a diner as Janey Doerr, with no sense of who or what she is. She is surrounded by her friends, though she doesn’t remember them, they are there to protect her as they wait for her memories to return.

I enjoyed meeting Osh, Garret, Reyes, Cookie and Uncle Bob through fresh eyes. Ms. Jones’ wonderful sense of humor and masterful storytelling is still present but by the time I was half way through the book it was just a little too dejavu. I was ready for Charlie/Janey to remember and move the story forward.

Maybe if Book 8 had not been so incredible I wouldn’t have felt so let down but I did. Will this stop me from continuing with the series? Hell no! I am anxiously awaiting Book 10 – THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE coming out June 2016 especially since THE DIRT ON NINTH GRAVE ended on a very ominous note.

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