Review: RETURN TO DUST by Andrew Lanh

514mHsWVC8L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_RETURN TO DUST by Andrew Lanh

Poisoned Pen Press Mystery

In this crisp, well-written book, Lanh once again takes readers into the closely connected community of the Vietnamese, as he did in his first Rick Van Lam book, Caught Dead. When the intrepid private investigator sends flowers to the funeral of his infrequent housekeeper, he becomes mired in the complicated labyrinth of her life. An unassuming, somewhat nosy woman, Marta Kowalski’s death reopens her Pandora’s Box of evil: writhing jealousies, vicious rivalries, and venomous cruelty. Lanh takes readers into the difficulties and prejudices Rick faces as an Amerasian, not welcomed by the full-blooded Vietnamese. But his sidekick, Hank Nguyen and Hank’s wise Buddhist grandmother receive him in friendship and provide valuable information to unravel the death of Marta. Was it really suicide or something far more sinister.

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