New Releases

51H3OL5vfwL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_THE SALT BOX by Eleanor Stem Young Adult SF/Fantasy

A pristine planet is about to undergo a terrible change. Hepitia, the Star Goddess, watches a spaceship careen out of control through her galaxy. Embroiled in an old quarrel with her goddess sisters, Hepitia allows the ship to crash land on a green and silver planet, knowing it will unleash chaos where Arianhod and Ulyia rule. Augustus carries the last of his species in the spacecraft. They crash on a forested hill the natives consider a god-place. Before long Augustus finds the planet is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. Megaliths stand silent in the forest. Strange beings flit in and out of their vision. There are strange water-filled portals to the goddesses’ Otherworld. When a young man of the planet and a daughter of Augustus’ people disappear, the two species come together to search for their lost ones. When they locate Ruulf and Isabeaux, what will they find? Who will live and who will die?

51PRIPolzpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_THE RETURN OF TACHLANAD by Kathy Fischer-Brown

Young Adult Fantasy Once upon a time in the beleaguered land of Lothria… A princess under a magical aura, her absent-minded sorcerer grandfather; a conflicted warrior prince; a young ne’er-do-well who finds an unlikely friend while on an impossible quest; an imprisoned queen, her betrayed king, their enchanted son and his beautiful enchantress; half-human man-eating rebel slaves; a band of blood-thirsty assassins…and Tachlanad, the legendary Sword of Names, missing for generations…

When the queen receives an omen, it can mean only one thing: the fate of all she loves hangs in the balance. The land and its people will topple into chaos if a tenuous alliance cannot be preserved. Her husband misled by sinister forces, her son gone missing, she sends her daughter and father on a journey far to the west to reach the impregnable stronghold of “the True King in Hiding.” There they will seal the truce with her marriage to the old king’s unwilling son and unite against the evil power that seeks to subjugate them. Unless the Imperon has his way.

An epic fantasy adventure for young adult and adult readers, The Return of Tachlanad is the first book in the “Sword of Names” series.

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