Natasha’s Dream – Historical Fantasy

61FbLIsCUfL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Natasha’s Dream (The Natasha Saga – Book 1) by Heather Greenis

Historical Fantasy

Walking the ocean front near their property, Keeghan and Will find a bottle containing a portrait of a royal family dated in the 19th century. This inspires an ongoing dream.

Princess Natasha grew up knowing her parents wanted another boy, not a daughter. Raised in a sheltered environment, her only friends were her brothers and Nanny. An innocent swim brings a chance encounter, where she discovers a different life exists beyond the walls of the castle. Underprivileged children become her salvation and she dreams of a better life, a normal life.

Conflicted, Natasha must risking hurting her family to help them.
Told the story is important to her, Keeghan is determined to learn why it dominates her subconscious. 

”Certainly a book worth a read for lovers of romance wanting to get lost in the pages of a story. Natasha experiences a wide range of emotions in the twists and turns the author has created. The novel has an enticing plot of deep forbidden love and well-crafted characters. It is nicely written and will encapsulate the reader throughout as they journey with the young princess. Greenis has pulled you into her world and leaves you wanting so much more. Your heart will melt with this wonderful tale.

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