BIRD OF CHAOS contest to win $100 Amazon card

BIRD_OF_CHAOS_for-webThe final Tempest rides on the power of a storm. It blasts the cold of winter and burns like the summer sun. It spares no one.Verne Golding the Third is heir to the Tibutan throne and destined to stop the Tempest. But Tibuta is fractured by civil war and Verne’s family is divided by ambition and cruelty—and she, unlike them, is ungifted. Her allies urge her to take power to unify the nation and protect it against evil, but only a Talent can rule Tibuta. Verne must overcome her impediment and find a way to rise above prejudice and her own self-doubt to take on the challenge.The only thing standing in her way is her mother.

Australian author of Bird of Chaos, Susie Mander, has extended an exclusive invitation to her book promotion where you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. I would like to extend the invitation to you, my wonderful readers. Enter before the 10th January 2016 to take advantage of this great opportunity to win a truly awesome prize.

Susie Mander is an Australian-based author and mother of one. She has been published in Australian Doctor, the Hills Shire Times and the District Reporter, and was recently shortlisted for the AlburyCity Short Story Award. Bird of Chaos is her first fantasy novel. It follows the story of Princess Verne Golding the Third who has to decide whether or not to initiate a coup against her mother, a cruel and manipulative woman who blights the young Verne’s life and threatens not only her future reign but the survival of their kingdom.

To celebrate the anniversary of the publication of Bird of Chaos (as well as Christmas!) Susie Mander is giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to give back to readers,” Mander says. “I think this is a great prize because you can spend it on whatever you like and it comes just in time for the festive season.”


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