Review: VIRGO’S VICE by Trish Jackson

Virgo's ViceVIRGO’S VICE by Trish Jackson

Soul Mate Publishing (October 21, 2015) Romantic Suspense/Thriller

Lexie King lands a job on the film crew for a reality survival show. She’s spent her whole life dealing with the symptoms of PTSD due to abuse. When her abuser ends up as one of the contestants on the survival show, it’s too late for Lexie to turn back. The contestants and the film crew are air-dropped into a remote area of Africa. When they realize the director and the rest of their supplies are not coming, they scramble to make a shelter and find food. When fellow contestants start turning up dead, they literally scramble to stay alive.

This story is unusual in that the story is told from several points of view, and even though the main characters voices are the dominant voices, I found it unnecessary to have every contestant speak in their voice. In my opinion, the story would have been stronger by using only first person.

I did like the structure of the plot and the twists and turns one expects in a suspense. The author’s take on what could happen in a remote place was interesting, especially given the fact the contestants come for a survival reality show and end up fighting for their lives.

I recommend this story to readers who enjoy survival shows.

Review provided by Jackie McMurry for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the November 2015 edition of The Book Breeze.

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