Review: Adult Coloring Books

61nxQbGy7vL._AA160_DOODLE ART ALLEY BOOKS by Samantha Snyder Here’s a great gift idea for the kids and the kids-at-heart in your life – Doodle Art Alley Books. They come in 7 designs/subjects to inspire, uplift and generally deliver good feelings.

Volume One – Imagination Will Take You Everywhere



Volume Two – Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying


61EcMh+WpsL._UX160_The one I received for review is Attitude is Everything. Yes, I’ve been coloring. Yes, I’m having fun. And yes, it does relieve stress.

So what’s your favorite medium? Felt tips, colored pencils or crayons? Me? I’m a crayon gal all the way. Love the smell. So grab whatever your heart desires and put a smile on your face and some new art on the refrigerator!

It looks like this is the year of adult coloring books!


51GLpQTr2QL._AA160_CREATIVE HAVEN OWL COLORING BOOK by Marjorie Samat Released June 2015



THE OFFICIAL A GAME OF THRONES COLORING BOOK by George R. R. Martin Release October 2015



51YnpuOLgaL._AA160_CREATIVE HAVEN CREATIVE CATS by Marjorie Samat Released May 2015




THE OFFICIAL OUTLANDER COLORING BOOK by Diana Gabaldon Released October 2015


61WohABiOHL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_And coming in 2016 … DOCTOR WHO COLORING BOOK by Price Stem Sloan Released Feb 16, 2016

2 thoughts on “Review: Adult Coloring Books”

  1. The GoT one looks amazing, I can’t believe I missed buying that one! And I’ll definitelly get the Doctor Who one as soon as it’s out!

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