Review: SMARTY BONES by Carolyn Haines

SMARTY BONES by Carolyn Haines

St. Martin’s Press / Mystery – Crime

Take a town deep in Mississippi, reveal a mysterious grave where the perfectly preserved Lady in Red rests her unclaimed body, add a handful of professorial types, throw in a paramilitary group of rednecks, shake the mix with Zinnia’s society ladies, and before long, the only way to get anything straightened out is to hire Sarah Booth Delaney. This is a tightly plotted and well-paced book from Haines’ Bones series. Based on a true story in Mississippi, the book includes the right amount of history coupled with contemporary events to make the story exciting, fast-paced, and interesting. As always, Sarah Booth’s team of local dignitaries, including live-in haint, Jitty, keeps Sarah Booth on the straight and narrow, as bodies begin to turn up, abductions balloon, and Zinnia’s prominent citizens are caught in the net of accusations. All in a day’s work for the intrepid Sarah Booth Delaney.

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