Review: AND THE DARK SACRED NIGHT by Julia Glass

And The Dark Sacred NightThorndike Press Psychological Literary Fiction

Glass goes right to the heart of the question from the first page: nature or nurture. Do we have to know who gave us our gene pool to know truly who we are? For Kit Noonan, the answer would be a deliberate yes. Daily, Kit is sucked further into a debilitating depression, which his wife finally articulates with an ultimatum. He needs to uncover the secrets his enigmatic mother has held from him for forty years. What could be so bad that his bold, independent mother can’t disclose it? He is about to discover that not all things need to be discussed, or do they? Risk taking has not been his strong suit, in fact, he avoids it religiously, but now, he must prepare for battle. And what better place to find oneself than in an isolating blizzard filled with people from his past?

This contemporary looks at the ways families in the 21st Century are made, torn asunder, reconfigured, set adrift, and remolded. How do parents keep their children feeling safe and loved in the middle of the shifting tide of emotion? How do parents keep themselves from succumbing to the confusion? A heartbreaking , yet pertinent topic written in an absorbing way that brings the reader into the story, alternately rooting for Kit and wanting to thrash him.

This review was provided by Mahala Church for her column Barefoot Book Reviews in the November 2015 edition of The Book Breeze.

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