Review: COWBOY, CONVINCE ME by Danita Cahill

51dWKH7G5NL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_COWBOY, CONVINCE ME: A Bellham Romance Danita Cahill Publisher: Ridge Publishing (June 17, 2015) Genre: Christian western romance

Convince Me Cowboy starts with all the reasons Shay Monahan will not fall for a cowboy again—especially not a rodeo cowboy. Her heart was already broken when she discovered the rodeo cowboy she married was sowing his oats across the rodeo circuit. Now that she is divorced, she dismisses the notion of ever dating a cowboy again.

Shay has her own successful career training horses with a real knack for matching buyers with suitable horses. If only she was as good at matching herself with a man.

When it’s rodeo time in her hometown of Pine Creek, Montana, she’s determined to keep her distance from the cowboys—especially the one called Denver. One look at him and she feels stirrings she doesn’t want to deal with.

Denver Campbell has no intention of getting sidetracked with a woman. He’s in town to win some cash in the rodeo circuit. So why does he get all twisted up every time he’s around Shay Monahan? He’s already been in a serious relationship with a cowgirl who managed to make him feel like a fool. His goal is to stay clear of romance and win the rodeo championship before he retires. So why does Shay make him feel so uncertain about his goals? He is solid on his plans, isn’t he?

Cahill does a fine job of giving the reader both points of view of the main characters. Both Shay and Denver do a great deal of trying to talk themselves out of falling for the other while being thrown together into some intimate moments.

This book also follows the budding romance between Shay’s friend and Denver’s friend which gives the reader a chance to see how easy it could be for Shay and Denver if they’d only let go of past hurts.

I loved the setting. I could feel the grit on my teeth at the rodeo grounds and visualize the horses and the ranches.

Cowboy, Convince Me is a clean romance that kept my attention while I waited for the heroine to sort through her trepidation. There’s just something about cowboys, isn’t there?

Review provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the September 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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