Review: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Peggy Jaeger

There's No Place Like HomeThere’s No Place Like Home by Peggy Jaeger

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Champagne Rose) – April 24, 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance

After touring as a symphony pianist for four long years, Moira Cleary returns home with a secret so disturbing she feels taxed both physically and emotionally. Moira’s family and closest friend are concerned about her weight loss, lack of appetite and stomach pains. As she settles into a routine of assisting her best friend, Quentin Stapleton, at the veterinarian clinic she begins to feel more comfortable and secure but still is haunted by the abuse she experienced.

Quentin knows one thing—he’d give anything to have Moira stay home. He’s waited a very long time for her return and wants to help her feel healthy again. After Moira sees a doctor for her stomach pains, Quentin suspects there is an emotional reason behind some of her symptoms. When Moira finally decides to confide in him he must help her deal with the backlash.

Ms. Jaeger tells this story from the point of view of both heroine and hero which helps the reader to better understand the conflicts both experience. The minor characters help balance the story and help the reader envision the reason Moira felt compelled to come home in the first place. I can easily see another book about her twin brother and the woman he admires from afar.

There’s No Place Like Home is a thoughtfully constructed story of one woman’s journey to come to terms with her past and finally discover where she can find happiness and the man who patiently waits for her.

Review provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon for the October 2015 edition of The Book Breeze.

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