Interview: Lawna Mackie

Lawna 2010Lawna Mackie was born in Jasper, Alberta. After finishing high school and post secondary she moved to Calgary, Alberta, married her husband and settled in the small town of Didsbury, Alberta. She worked briefly as a legal assistant, but quickly realized this wasn’t the career for her. Fates intervened saving her from the legal profession and she ended up working for Olds College in a marketing position. Over twenty years later she is still employed at the post-secondary college.

Lawna would tell you that a lot of her creativity comes from her mother, who could design and build, just about anything. Her mother never lacked the talent for hand-making toys. “She always amazed me. My brother and I were never bored because she made us flutes, toy cars, and even parallel bars in the trees,” Lawna explains.

Her other creative inspiration comes from her husband Jeff, and the many adventures they have had. It was on one particular trip to British Columbia, when she stopped at the Enchanted Forrest that the fairy tale world called to her to write a story. Her first paranormal romance, MAGIC AND FLAMES book one in the ENCHANTING LOVE series was born. Along with the love she has for her husband and family, is the deep admiration and compassion she has for animals. “They bring so much joy and inspiration to my life I don’t know how I would ever live without them,” she says. Alaskan Malamutes are near and dear to her heart. With one Malamute, one Bichon Shih Tzu, one farm cat and a Bengal, her house is never quiet.

Lawna writes many genres from paranormal and fantasy, to romantic suspense and erotica. One fan writes, “Lawna’s books are well-written and are impossibly good! The scenes are unexpected and very creative. I highly recommend her books!”

A new chapter begins quite literally for Ms. Mackie as she joins the fantastic team of Books We Love. Look for her there and be sure to drop her a note to say hello.

Mackie-StormGodYour latest release is STORM GOD, Book 1 in the Aliens and Gods series. Tell us about the story and an intro to all the intriguing characters in this book.

My hero, Nevar is very unique and very intriguing. He is a Storm God so he has no physical form other than the elements of nature. He takes the form of rain, snow, mist…hopefully you you get the idea. Eventually, he ends up in human form, it’s really interesting and I think quite different from anything else I’ve ever read. Oh, he also has no emotions. Of course as time goes on he falls in love with my heroine but there are other gods and an alien species who seem to have different plans for the couple.

My heroine, Raven is a young researcher who has always believed that a giant cat jumped from the clouds in the Sahara Desert and saved her from death as a young child. Raven knows there is an invisible force that seems to follow her in the form of weather, be it a thick mist that swirls around her ankles, the raindrops that slide over her body during a thunderstorm, or the snowflakes that tickle her nose on a winter day. Raven is different. Her father confirms that fact. The mystery seems linked to the disappearance of her mother and Raven is determined to find out how and why.

Stormcat is another great character in this book. He is a companion to the Storm God, but the cat has an interesting fascination with Raven. Although the giant tank-size critter is forbidden from interfering with humans, he does jump down from the clouds to save Raven from a desert storm…just before Nevar finds out what he has done.

Did you have an interesting experience in the research of this book?

I was born in the beautiful town of Jasper, Alberta. I feel very privileged to have had so many experiences in such an incredible place. One of my all time favorite places is the Tonquin Valley and Mount Edith Cavell and my story does reflect on those two locations. Everyone should visit there if they have not had a chance to.

Mackie-StoneAndIce-3Do you people watch for character inspiration?

Yes, I suppose I do watch people for character inspiration, but I also watch animals for the same thing. I get a lot of inspiration from the critters I have or have had. I love wild animals and really enjoy watching them when the chance presents itself. We really aren’t so different.

What’s more important: characters or plot?

I think the characters and the plot have to fit together or you wouldn’t have a story. You have to have the right characters to drive the plot.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

I really can’t say that I’ve ever had a bad job, but I would say that you can certainly decided from a young age what you do and don’t like. I know that I was not meant to be an accountant. Numbers are not my thing. My husband would tell you balancing the bank account is not my forte <laughing>. I have always liked to write, draw and when time permits, do crafts. I love animals and at one time thought I could be a veterinarian, but quickly realized that at the site of blood I’d be the one laying on the floor and not much help at all.

Mackie-MagicAndFlames-2What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?

Maybe this is more of a story, but I like to share this with people. I did struggle academically in high school, for a number of reasons, but I always had the intent of going to university or college, which I did eventually do. Now, I actually work at a college and have done so for over twenty years.

I had to jump streams in high school in order to get the diploma I needed, and while this was difficult it wasn’t as difficult as one teacher that made things so hard for me during that time. Unfortunately, this was a high school English teacher who would not allow me into his class so I could hopefully graduate with the proper classes. I had high enough marks to take his class from the lower class. In the end he got into BIG TROUBLE and then after the class had already started (by three weeks) he told me I could attend but that my chances of success would be very slim. I decided to take the grade twelve English by correspondence. He actually laughed at me and said I would fail for certain.

Well I can say that I didn’t fail…I passed! Not with great success but I did pass. I guess the moral of my story is that I didn’t give up but it really scarred me. I didn’t write for many years because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Of course now I know I should have been writing.

I also had many wonderful teachers who were invaluable. In my heart I knew I should write…so FOLLOW YOUR HEART is what I say and DREAM BIG has always been my favorite saying.

What’s next for you?

I love to write pretty much anything. Right now I’m writing a romantic suspense that I’m very excited about. The book is called WINTER KILL and is the first in a series called Snow Lake. Of course the story and places are somewhat fictional but I did get my inspiration from the very really small town of Snow Lake in Manitoba. I hope my readers will enjoy it. Watch for it this fall!

For more about Lawna and her books visit her at: Facebook   Twitter   Website

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