Interview: Diana Green author of BRONZE FOX

Bronze Fox Ecover - MediumI loved your first book in the Rifters series, BRONZE FOX. You’ve created a complex and fascinating world with shape shifting, history, magic, other worlds along with well-developed characters. Tell us about your characters.

Thank you for hosting me, here at the Book Breeze. It’s great to have a chance to share information with readers.

I’m glad you enjoyed Bronze Fox. I fell in love with the setting and the characters as I was writing them. Tobias is so dashing and daring, but he’s also genuinely concerned for others. I like his considerate and generous nature. It fits well with Etty’s personality. She’s someone who is very warm and big-hearted under her tough exterior. They’ve both lived through difficult pasts, and this has made them strong. Bringing this strength and courage to their work makes them a dynamic team.

A central theme of the book is human trafficking. What led you to choose this subject?

Once I imagined the rift, containing different worlds connected by portals, I began to think of what kinds of people (Rifters) would travel these unusual routes. There would be explorers, smugglers, scientists, scavengers, and likely slavers. After I came up with the idea of a shifter world, with different shape-shifting tribes, the inter-world slave trade plot fell into place. Slavery is so horrible, in all its aspects. I wanted to highlight that, as a more substantial theme, running alongside the lighter adventure romance.

Can you share what we can look forward to in the next installment of the Rifters’ series?

The second Rifters novel, Veiled Snake, should release in early 2016. Here is the description from the back cover.

At the age of twenty nine, Susan Thorpe has her future well in order, with a prestigious job and a high-ranking fiancé. She has always prided herself on being in control of her emotions and her destiny. But all that changes when a friend is brutally murdered, and a crucial prototype is stolen from the Academy lab.

Now she must join forces with Tobias Shelton, Etty Sikes, and Jamie Keegan, a rogue rifter from Earth. Can they find the culprits in time to avert disaster? And can she trust a loose cannon like Jamie? He’s her opposite in almost every way. Yet he holds her life, and possibly her heart, in his hands.

I love your book cover. Can you tell us who designed the cover? The artist should get some recognition.

Thank you! I designed the cover myself, and I’m happy with the result. I feel like it captures Tobias well.

As a trained artist, I couldn’t resist learning how to make my own covers. After all, who knows the characters and tone of a book better than the author? I design all my covers except those with the Wild Rose Press.

Do you have a favorite writing place or writing rituals?

Because I suffer from an auto-immune disorder that impacts my energy levels and stamina, I write using a laptop, in my recliner. It works really well and allows me to write twice as long as I could sitting up at a desk.

One writing ritual I’ve developed is creating music playlists for each book. They may only include a few songs, but each one perfectly evokes a scene, setting, or character from the story. This way, when I’m stuck, I can listen to these pieces of music and be transported into the right state of mind. It’s a wonderful way to break through writer’s block.

What do you like best about being an author?

Top of the list has to be the thrill of the creative process, translating settings and characters from my imagination into a story that others can enjoy. There’s nothing quite like it.

I also love interacting with readers, editors, other authors, reviewers, and interviewers. I’ve encountered so many great people since I started this journey, two and a half years ago. I feel very blessed.

What social media do you participate in?

I have a website with excerpts, trailers, reviews, news and more.

I’m also on         Goodreads                   YouTube                  Amazon Author Page

What’s next for you?

Sometime in the fall of 2015, the final book in my Dragon Clan trilogy will release. I wrote this fantasy romance series with the Wild Rose Press, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I’m excited to offer readers Dragon Soul, the final chapter of the dragon shifters’ multi-generational saga.

Is there an easy way for people to stay informed about your new releases?

I have a mailing list, and I usually send out two to three announcements a year. It’s simple to sign up. Just visit my website and use the “contact Diana” page, or email me at Everyone on my mailing list is entered in monthly e-book giveaways. Winners can choose from any of my available titles.

I always love to hear from readers!

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