Interview: Clea Simon author or Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mysteries

Clea-glasses-insetClea Simon author of Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mysteries

Tell us about your new release and why you chose this genre. In my new cozy mystery, “Kittens Can Kill,” Pru Marlowe, the bad-girl animal psychic, answers a call to pick up a kitten … and finds a the body of a prominent lawyer. When the three daughters of the dead lawyer start fighting over who was responsible for his death – even suggesting that the kitten was involved – she has to get involved to sort things out, and to save the kitten. (This is the fifth in my Pru Marlowe pet noir series.)

What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work? I hope readers find Kittens Can Kill coverstraight-ahead fun and enjoyment! But beyond that, I hope that they learn a little from Pru about animal behavior. Everything she notes is real – I’ve researched animal behavior. And as she points out, animals don’t act on cruelty, greed, jealousy, or rage. Only humans do that!

Do you people watch for character inspiration? I do indeed! My characters may not always be likeable, but I trust that if you take the time, you’ll understand them … you’ll see why they act like they do and maybe you’ll even sympathize a bit with them!

Tell us about your characters. My main characters in this series, the Pru Marlowe pet noir mysteries, are Pru, who is kind of a bad girl. A city girl who came home to her small town, she’s a fish out of water… and she’s not always happy with it. But even if she thinks she’s tough, she’s no match for her even tougher tabby, Wallis. Wallis always comments on Pru’s life – and because Pru is an animal psychic, she can understand what Wallis says – and Wallis always has tons of catitude!

Who do you feel is your target audience? Are your books geared for an older generation? My books are geared for readers, pure and simple! And since there is not explicit sex or violence, they’re safe for younger readers, too.

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