Review: THE MARK ON EVE by Joel Fox

The Mark on EveTHE MARK ON EVE

By Joel Fox

Mystery Bronze Circle Press (Jan 2015)

In 1717, Eve pleads with a witch to spare the life of her beloved as his ship attempts to return to harbor during a big storm but instead the ship sinks and Eve is cursed by the witch to walk the earth until she kisses the lips of her love once again.

Eve tries to keep a low profile during her long life so as not to arouse suspicions but when present day Eve takes an assassin’s bullet meant for a presidential candidate, questions arise and she catches the interest of a reporter.

There is a lot to like about this tale. The pacing is excellent but I did find the constant shifting from one time to another jarring. I think I would have preferred a little long stay in each time period.

There are many storylines in this tale: the witch and her son, the reporter, Eve’s interaction with politically active women through the ages, the treasure hunter seeking Eve’s lover’s sunken ship, the blackmailing of the presidential candidate and of course the reporter who has more questions than answers about Eve.

I had trouble buying the reporter’s personal interest in Eve and the storyline involving the step daughter felt contrived but this is an intriguing read.

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