Review: BRONZE FOX by Diana Green

Bronze FoxBRONZE FOX (Rifters Book One)

by Diana Green

CreateSpace Fantasy Romance

I had told myself to turn down every review request until I catch up but this one really caught my eye so I agreed to give it a read. I am glad I did. I could not put this book down.

This is a historical paranormal, steampunk, sci-fi with elements of magic story that keeps you turning the page of this imaginative tale of Tobias, a fox-shifter, and Etty, a street smart cabbie.

Tobias, stolen as a child, works for an organization to stop slave trading amongst worlds and to keep a balance that allows each world to progress on it’s own. There’s a little prime directive and a little Stargate going on here. When Etty stumbles into Tobias’ world, he decides to make her his new partner and the adventure begins. When news that a new technology is out on the black market it is up to Tobias and Etty to get it back.

Green’s writing is vivid and fresh. The pacing is non-stop with well-developed characters. My only complaint is I thought the relationship between the two developed too quickly. I would have preferred a little longer dance. It’s the first in a series and I look forward to the next adventure. Well done, Ms. Green.

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