Review: HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH by J.M. Stewart

Her Soldier's TouchHER SOLDIER’S TOUCH by J.M. Stewart

Crimson Romance (March 16, 2015) Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance

HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH is a thoughtfully written story of second chances, learning to trust and forgive, and finding a silver lining. Colten Taylor is in for a surprise when he returns to Phoenix to bury his brother and finds he has a five- year-old son. Rachel Madison, the woman he walked out on, wants their son to have both parents, but she isn’t ready to trust Colten.

Colten and Rachel have so much in common—they both carry around demons from their awful childhoods and they both want to rise above their pasts and be good parents. Rachel believes she can only rely on herself and Colten thinks he’s not fit to be a dad. Only their desire to do the right thing for their son keeps them trying. The sensual love scenes are thoughtfully handled and help to ratchet up the emotional attachment of Rachel and Colten.

Stewart delves into some uncomfortable issues in this second chance romance. She’s not afraid to tackle some of the challenges of our time—single parenting, drug addiction, spousal abuse and child abuse. A sign of a successful story is one that evokes emotion in the reader, and Stewart managed to pull me through a whole range of feelings from frustrated to frightened to satisfied.

I recommend HER SOLDIER’S TOUCH to anyone who enjoys a thoughtful contemporary romance.

This review was provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon for the May 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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