Review: LOVE BURNS by Babette James

Love BurnsLove Burns (The River, Book 3) by Babette James

Wild Rose Press (2015) Genre: Sexy, Contemporary Romance

In LOVE BURNS, BOOK 3 of THE RIVER SERIES, Babette James tells the story of Dave Knight and Olivia Benedetti-Harper. They each have personal reasons why falling in love is not a good idea, and yet their attraction for one another is not to be denied.

Olivia had always done the right thing—she was a good daughter, a dutiful student, a dedicated nurse, and a faithful wife. When her adulterous husband shames her in front of their friends during a summer camping trip, Olivia is embarrassed and heartbroken. She files for divorce. Fast forward to the wedding of one of the camping couples and Olivia ends up kissing the arrogant, grouchy Dave. For all his gruffness, he managed to show Olivia his tender side and make her feel wilder than she ever thought possible. Dave, a smokejumper, thinks about Olivia but knows from experience that his career isn’t a good fit for wooing a lady and making a commitment to one woman is out of the question. After a plane accident forces Dave to give up his career, he’s forced to rethink his future. The one thing he’s sure of is that he’ll never fall in love and settle down—until he spends time with Olivia at the next summer’s camp out. Olivia and Dave leave the campout and go their separate ways only to question what they really want.

James writes the story from alternating points-of-view, so the reader is privy to the thoughts of Olivia and Dave. Both have their own reasons for fighting the on-going attraction—Olivia needs to stop making decisions based on what her parents want for her and Dave needs to quit running.

James developed strong major characters and uses realistic minor characters to enhance the plot line. Anyone who reads the book can’t help but love Uncle Jake and his down-home wisdom.

This book is the third in The River series, but can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend LOVE BURNS to readers who like a realistic love story with very sexy love scenes.

This review was provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the May 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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