Review: ANGELS IN TRAINING by P.S. Cherry

Angels in TrainingANGELS IN TRAINING by P.S. Cherry

Amazon Kindle Edition ~ April 2014 ~ 4 Stars

Blurb: Like people, different angels have different talents and different jobs. Angels in Training is a book for “children of all ages” about a school named WhiteFeathers Academy.

Typically the students at WhiteFeathers depart their worldly lives as infants. They grow up in angel villages and arrive at WhiteFeathers at age twelve for their final year of training in their fields of talent. Graduation day is called Birth Day. The students get their wings and “fly up” as angels on their thirteenth Birth Day.

The story is about a student named Millie who enters WhiteFeathers directly from earth at age twelve. She is at a disadvantage having spent so little time in training and having no special talent. But she is determined to overcome obstacles, get her wings and fly up on Birth Day.

Review: When new student, Millie enters WhiteFeather Academy, it comes as a surprise to her that she died trying to save a dog. For some reason she hasn’t entered Heaven, but instead found her way to a new school. She understands that she will eventually earn her wings and become an angel. However, she only has one short month and she must find her talent and learn how best to utilize it. Her new roommate, Zadie proves to be an ally while Millie discovers that even wanta-be angels aren’t perfect and can be mean. Still, as time passes there are benefits. She continues to make new friends and by helping them, she will help herself.

This book had an interesting setting which could have used more description. For the most part, the characters were likeable and consistent, not an easy task for a debut author. At times the momentum dragged. Despite the erratic pace this was still a fun read and hopefully, the ensemble cast will return in a new adventure.

This review was provided by Shannon Kennedy for her column Shannon’s Space in the May 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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