Review: JUST YOU WAIT by Jane Tesh

Just You WaitJUST YOU WAIT Grace Street Mysteries By Jane Tesh

Poisoned Pen Press (Feb 2015) Mystery with paranormal elements / 255 pages

David Randall, a private detective short of work, invites his psychic friend Camden into a case. Miss Viola Mitchell, an aging local actress, has recently been reported missing. While Cam rejects demands from his fiancée that they marry this month his psychic gifts have expanded. Meanwhile, a new Grace Street client is searching for her arrogant, absconding partner. Randall tracks him to Clearwater, Florida, and soon finds himself chasing shoplifters stealing pharmaceuticals and helping a jazz musician woo his woman while failing to woo his own love, Kary. Will Randall and Cam piece all this together?

Another great addition to the series, Just You Wait brings us back into the lives of the residents of 302 Grace Street. While I usually wouldn’t use the word “delightful” when talking about a mystery, this series is a delight to read.

Tesh’s series are not an edge-of-your-seat mystery but I find I can’t put them down. Full of surprises and marvelous characters this book delivers.

Reviewed by the Eclectic Express for the April 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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