New Releases

Wagers Gone Awry

WAGERS GONE AWRY (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper, Book 1) by Collette Cameron

Spicy Regency Romance Released April 7 by Blue Rose Romance in conjunction with Wind Tree Press in print and ebook

Sail Away

Sequel to Home is the Sailor.

Sail away once again with Will Marshall and Davy Archer in this collection of missing moments from their saga. Meet some of the background players from their story as they take center stage in tales of their own. Enjoy a journey through the family album of the Royal Navy series universe.



Mild Romantic Suspense Released Jan 28 by The Wild Rose Press In ebook and print

Poison Ivy

POISON IVY By Cynthia Riggs A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery

Released March 31 by Minotaur Book in hardcover

Invisible City


Crime Fiction Released in paperback March 3 by Minotaur Books

You Can Trust Me

YOU CAN TRUST ME By Sophie McKenzie

Psychological thriller Released April 14 by St. Martin’s Press in hardcover

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