Review: Slightly Noble by Lilly Gayle

Slightly NobleSlightly Noble by Lilly Gayle

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Tea Rose) (February 14, 2015) Historical Romance

Slightly Noble is a captivating tale of Captain Jack, an American privateer who inherits the title of viscount after his estranged father’s death, and Abigail Halsey, a pregnant woman who is sent to a convent while her father tries to find a solution to his unwed daughter’s plight. Captain Jack is faced with the terms of his father’s will— marry and produce an heir or lose his family home to an unworthy cousin.

Jack and Abigail come into their union for very selfish reasons; Jack wants his inheritance and Abigail wants to keep her child and give him a name. Both hero and heroine have past hurts that cause misgivings about one another and challenge them at every turn.

Lilly Gayle paints a realistic picture of the social expectations in nineteenth century England. From the characters of the noble class to the low life who run baby farms, Gayle populates the book with dynamic characters who help the reader understand the time period.

This book is a must read for those who enjoy historical romance with a touch of suspense.

This review as provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the April 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.


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