Erotica Review: S.E.C.R.E.T. by Marie Adeline

SecretS.E.C.R.E.T. by L. Marie Adeline is the first book in a trilogy.  It is the story of Cassie Robichaud’s journey to not only sexual emancipation, but to leading a more vibrant and fulfilling life.  When we first meet Cassie, she is a young widow, who had a disastrous marriage.  She is leading a low profile life as a waitress in a New Orleans cafe and living in an apartment building known as the “spinster hotel.”  She stumbles upon a notebook left behind in the cafe, which leads her to an encounter in which she is invited into the world of S.E.C.R.E.T., a club of sorts for women to explore their sexual fantasies.

Many readers will identify with Cassie in one way or another. I was about her age when I was a divorced, single mom. Cassie is likable, but she is insecure and naive, which can be grating at times, but as the story unfolds, so does Cassie. The writer does a good job of developing Cassie’s character, but I would have liked the character of her boss, Will, (and her secret crush) to have been brought out more, Of course, this is a trilogy so there is more to come.

The erotic, sexual sequences are well written and many of them touch on what is considered to be common sexual fantasies of women. They are basically all one night stands of varying scenarios. They are sexually explicit with a touch of romance, but on a “hot/arousal” scale of one to ten, I would give them a five. I think for me the lack of seduction makes them a little more clinical. It is an intriguing idea to have sexual fantasy partners picked out for you by a sisterhood, like a fairy godmother. Will I read the second book? Most likely.

This review was provided by Susanna Wolf for her column The Play Room in the March 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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