Interview & Review: Lynn Chandler Willis & WINK OF AN EYE

10959783_10203674445163558_7763884193128607863_nUncovering the mystery, page by page, Lynn Chandler Willis is the first woman in ten years to win the St. Martin’s Press/PWA Best 1st Private Eye Novel competition. The novel, Wink of an Eye, was released November 2014. She is also the author of The Rising, a Grace Award winner for Excellence in Faith-based Fiction. She lives in North Carolina.

Your latest release is WINK OF AN EYE introduces us to Gypsy Moran, a private investigator who has his own set of problems. What can you tell us about him? Private Investigator Michael “Gypsy” Moran is a guy’s guy, with a charming roguish personality women adore and a heart bigger than Texas underneath his tough-guy persona. Although street smart wink of an eye revised-2and by no means an innocent, he thinks with his heart way too much and that often lands him in trouble. He fled his tiny hometown of Wink, Texas after high school and eventually set up shop in Vegas. But after getting into some mob-related trouble in Vegas, he runs back home twenty years after he first left. His sister introduces him to a 12 year-old kid who wants to hire Gypsy to prove his father’s death wasn’t a suicide.

Why did you choose West Texas as a setting? I love the ruggedness of the area. The isolation, loneliness and beauty. The character of Gypsy wouldn’t have worked anywhere else. It’s a 20 year process for him but he finally comes to understand the “nothingness” of the area is what he missed so much while living in Vegas.

Is it a series? His fans certainly hope so! I’m working on book two now and hope the publisher will see how much of a fan base he’s developing.

Every author has a voice, what makes this book uniquely yours? I’m a female writing in first person, male point-of-view. Gypsy has a really sarcastic side to him and an odd sense of humor so it’s a lot of fun writing him.

Do you have a favorite mystery character by another author that you would like to meet in person? Joe Pike and Elvis Cole. Love Robert Crais!

What social media do you participate in? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and I blog fairly often at my website.

What’s next for you? NoBody’s Baby, a romantic suspense, is finished and with my agent and I’m deep into Wink and a Nod: A Gypsy Moran Mystery. I’d really like to see Gypsy picked up as a series because he is such a fun character. I have all sorts of adventures for him planned!

For more on Lynn visit her website: Website (with buy links):


wink of an eye revised-2WINK OF AN EYE Lynn Chandler Willis

Minotaur Books Mystery

Twenty years have passed since Gypsy Moran escaped from the small Texas town of his youth, and now, he is on the run from the bad guys who want to do him in. By page two, Willis has our attention in a big way. Twelve-year-old Tatum needs Gypsy to prove his father did not commit suicide. Gypsy’s sister, Rhonda, is positive he can do just that. Gypsy is exhausted after an eighteen-hour drive from Vegas, but when Tatum reveals the smoking gun—eight young women are dead, Gypsy is in.

Gypsy’s sense of humor makes for prime material and I laughed aloud at times – a good read in my estimation. Tough guy on the outside, butter cream on the inside when it comes to a twelve-year-old boy who takes care of his grandfather and trusts his father’s integrity, Gypsy also likes beautiful, quip-popping women. He reminds me of Janet Evanovich’s character, Ranger, in her Stephanie Plum series. Willis is on to something good with her protagonist and ability to weave an exciting debut book.

Review provided by Mahala Church for her column Barefoot Book Reviews in the March 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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