Review: LOW MIDNIGHT by Carrie Vaughn

Low MidnightLOW MIDNIGHT by Carrie Vaughn

Tor Books Urban Fantasy

Cormac, the Kitty Norville series’ most popular supporting character, stars in his first solo adventure. Carrie Vaughn’s Low Midnight spins out of the series on the wave of popularity surrounding Kitty’s most popular supporting character, Cormac Bennett, a two-minded assassin of the paranormal who specializes in killing lycanthropes. In his first solo adventure, Cormac, struggling with a foreign consciousness trapped inside him, investigates a century-old crime in a Colorado mining town which could be the key to translating a mysterious coded diary…a tome with secrets that could shatter Kitty’s world and all who inhabit it. With a framing sequence that features Kitty Norville herself, Low Midnight not only pushes the Kitty saga forward, but also illuminates Cormac’s past and lays the groundwork for Kitty’s future.

Ah, Cormac, one of my favorite characters in Vaughn’s series was the main subject in this book with Kitty making a couple of cameos. Yes, it was Vaughn’s typical good storytelling but the book kind of fell short for me and I think it was because Cormac is not a very complex character, unlike Kitty, even with Amelia trapped inside him. As far as pushing the saga forward, it was actually more of a slight nudge.  I found the book okay but not one of my favorites and not worth the $7.99 price tag.

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